Importance of CMYK

Not all color formats are the same. When creating artwork, it’s important that colors are converted to CMYK. RGB, often the default color format, is designed for your screen and won’t match the colors used in the printing process. By converting to CMYK, you’ll have a much better idea of the final product.

File formats

Ensure the best possible quality

For vector graphics, you’ll want to remember to outline your fonts and upload your artwork in either EPS, PDF or AI format. Designs incorporating anything other than vectors (i.e. photographs) can be submitted as hi-res JPEG or PNG at 300dpi.


Keep it clean

If a font is difficult to read from your monitor, you can simply zoom in. Unfortunately, not so with printed words. Ensure all text is larger than 9pt. Also, remember that cursive-style and other more intricate fonts don’t always look as sharp and crisp on paper as they do on the screen. When selecting fonts, put legibility first.


Download your placeholder

If you plan on designing everything in-house, you can download your box dieline here. Please read over the guidelines to ensure your artwork meets our specifications.