Custom Holiday Packaging for B2B: The Account-Based Approach
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Custom Holiday Packaging for B2B: The Account-Based Approach

With the holiday season upon us, many brands are working overtime to get their tinsel-themed campaigns out on schedule. It’s a busy time of the year (not always the “most wonderful” for those of us in marketing). But in the world of B2B, the bustle isn’t always so apparent. There’s often a lull. Unlike B2C, B2B purchases are more complicated. They require additional voices and greater decision-making faculties. And as B2B’s customers scramble to get their ducks in a row, these types of complex commitments aren’t necessarily a priority.

With that said, there are some marketing approaches B2B can use to bolster holiday engagement. Specifically, we can turn to account-based marketing—a strategy that an increasing number of B2B companies are embracing. The approach, in a nutshell, requires micro-segmenting your clientele and creating highly personalized campaigns that target them. 

Why is ABM so important during the holidays? Well, when you think about it, there’s a significant crossover. For instance, consider how one should prepare a Christmas list. Is it simply a matter of jotting down the broadest gift ideas and arbitrarily tacking a family member’s name next to each one? We certainly hope not. Every special person should receive something tailored to who they are. With ABM, it’s about identifying specific decision makers and recognizing what they appreciate most. In short, it’s about treating them like family.  

During the holiday season, these personal touches resonate even greater. And as the new year rings in, your brand will have cut through all the holiday noise. It’ll be top of mind to the decision makers that matter most.    

Customized package printing can be a powerful tool to make you ABM campaigns shine. During the holidays, your customers are bombarded with both physical and digital stocking stuffers. Inboxes are full, desks are messy—there’s a lot of clutter. By creating highly customized packaging for your clients, they’ll have more incentive to make space for your brand. Package printing solutions, such as Packwire’s, make customized printing easy and affordable. Think small-scale. Packwire processes orders of as little as 10 units. Remember, with ABM, it’s not about the widest reach but rather, the finest details.

You may also want to consider creating a digital tie-in to your custom packaging campaign. For instance, an element of your package can direct your client to a microsite with a sign-up sheet and special offer. By beginning with the tactile experience, your client or lead approaches the digital one with greater engagement. They’ll be more likely to listen to what you have to say.

Also, when it comes to setting up your holiday campaign, don’t hesitate to take a page from the B2C playbook. Because account-based marketing targets individuals within the business (rather than the business as a whole), you’re speaking to people who, like the rest of us, are keeping a keen eye on special savings events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By aligning your message with something they’re attuned to, your brand demonstrates an understanding of its clients’ personal goals.

Custom packaging, digital tie-ins and event-based marketing: all these ingredients breathe life into your B2B holiday marketing strategy, particularly if you approach everything from an account-based angle. If you’re in the B2B world, we’re curious to hear what holiday strategies have worked or flopped for you in recent years. Please share your thoughts in the comments.